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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

How do you like you women? That’s a line that will get so many of you thinking, I know that it did me a long time ago.

I have a Twitter page @Iloveescorts dedicated to women and many websites, I like to post review on the many ladies that I see and I also like to publish other reviews on the girls that they see, no many changes hands, I in no way charge anyone to publish anything on any of my sites, this means that no agencies can try and entice someone to post fake reviews, you would be surprised at how much this happens. There are so many London escort review sites out there which publish fake reviews in return for discounts or money from some of the top London escort agencies but I am not one of them.
Dior London Escorts and Rachaels London Escorts are two of the escort agencies whose names keeps coming up and has a vast selection of girls. Many of them are from Eastern Europe with some from South America and, even, some from England- its very hard to find good escort girls from England.
Which bring me back to how I started this article; How do you like your women? Well the answer to this question is simple, I like them friendly, open minded and leaving at the very end. That’s the reason that I like seeing escorts and that is how I like my women, I like them varied.
I see so many escorts, I do try to see as many as two or three a week, I normally see them for 30 minute incall appointments but if they don’t do 30 minutes I will stretch to 1 hour appointments. Normally I only pay £150 but some of the girls, just lately, have upped their prices to £200 for an hour, if I really want to see a £200 an hour girl then of course I will pay the extra.

The only problem with £200 an hour girls is the fact that they are knocked for six by girls like Daisy at Dior Escorts or Nicole at Rachaels, these two are two of the most open minded and best looking that you will ever see and they are only £150, you are going to be hard pushed to find better. Both do cim, both do alevel, both look stunning and both own body stockings, what more can a man want??